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What do you get when you mix heat, with wildness. Or fire with something sweet....or better yet, some Red Hot with someone wotless. Here's the answer. You have Red Hot Wednesdays with Mr. Wotless himself; Kes ready to heat up the avenue. Now you know the Jokey One couldn't miss that for two reasons. These shall be revealed in the review.

Now my first reason for attending this event needs no mathematician to figure it out, but for those simple minded people let spell out this equation. Red Hot Wednesday + Free Shots + Kes Live = Vibes and Woman! I'll admit the beginning was a bit shaky seeing that the turnout started a bit slow but it did eventually pick up. And when it did, it never came down. Ladies here, ladies there.....oh ladies, ladies, ladies. Give me two years max to grow a ras and some voice training and the Jokey one will be bringing in that kind of crowd. The free shots of Nuvo and other liqueurs had the crowd in attendance ready to be wotless once Kes hit the stage. In the meanwhile, Djs such as Yun Lennox and DJ Marcus Williams  had the crowd moving to their selections of music.

Eventually Mr. Wotless arrived, entertaining the crowd with some of his last year hits and his contributions for Carnival 2012 such as ""Come On Over"" and ""Precision Wine"" with a first listen to the upcoming roadmix. Shhhhh! He had the crowd singing, waving and dancing; showing his true showmanship. Now this leads me to reason number two. Last time myself and Kes were seen in the same venue, a challenge was put down asking who was more wotless. Kes or Jokey Juice? Now I would leave that for my dear juicers to answer.

Afterwards the place to be was in the V.I.P lounge where the committee alongside Kes and Jokey partied the rest of the evening. Another great party Anju.

Well it's no suprise I must give all props to Anju Babwah for another successful Wednesday night. You're on a roll my dear. To Mr. Kes, the challenge is still there so....activate your feelings. To all members of staff at Coco Lounge and committee members, thank you all for making this event an enjoyable one. The Jokey One is pleased.

Salt N' Pepper

-Jokey Juice

>> View Red Hot Wednesdays: Kes Live! Gallery