Have you wondered about the procedure to book Kerwin Du Bois? Is it simple? – It is... The ace songwriter, producer and performer can be accessed via Dion Heath of DH Management; his official management in the Caribbean. Heath and DH management have been actively involved in entertainment and management for the past five years.

This recent alliance between Heath and Kerwin Du Bois marks the start of more professional and coherent interactions with media, promoters, artistes and other interested parties. As Du Bois catalogue continues to grow more management is required, he expressed his confidence in working with his new team by saying “I trust the team that I am working with presently, they believe in me and I believe in them so I only expect positive things to happen.”

Previously Du Bois managed all his affairs which became an arduous task for him to juggle while producing for over 12 hours daily and residing overseas, among other commitments. For 2012 and beyond the world can expect to hear and see more of Kerwin Du Bois, as his success continues to grow so will the visual identification of the artiste in various forums and platforms. For both Kerwin and Heath this alliance is perfect as they have been friends for a number of years with Heath’s deceased father Lancelot Heath being the person responsible for Kerwin’s career.

For information on Kerwin Du Bois, inclusive of Biography, Photographs and Discography please do not hesitate to contact Dion Heath at heath300@gmail.com.