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This event marked the 4 year anniversary of 4Kings Promotions. On behalf of trinijunglejuice.com we would like to give a grand 4King congratulations to the committee members. Keep lighting up the party life of Trinis guys!

As with all 4Kings parties, the place was filled out. Even in the midst of exams and being held on a Thursday, nothing can cause true Trinis from missing this 4th edition of cooler party madness.

St. John's, the place of the previous Royal Christmas's. Roomy, clean, and perfect place for a cooler party.

Dj Private Ryan, Dj 4Play, Dj Marcus Williams & DJ Dominic Williams, Dj Jono, Dj Coolkut? With a DJ lineup like that, people coming with their own drinks, the conditions were simply perfect for an EPIC party. It was a workout!

As with any 4Kings party, free Doubles (Cipriani Boulevard / Shakers) and a stocked bar, but the bar should not have been necessary since everyone should have came with their drinks. Efficient cooler system, get through fast and get to partying.

Definitely worth the cost.

Big ups once more to the 4Kings crew, congrats on your 4th anniversary. I'd also like to wish all the best to a group of young women trying to make a change: "Spark a Smile" who held a Christmas charity to help 3 less fortunate families in North Trinidad.

Did we forget anything? Add your 2 cents below...

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