Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. December 22, 2011 - Organisers of the annual Fire Fete- the official fete that starts carnival each year, are saying 2012 will be an epic experience. Fire Fete celebrates its 25th anniversary in the year ahead and with plans to make it a mega showcase of cultural excitement and carnival thrill, the venue has been upgraded to the Queen’s Park Savannah in Port-of-Spain.

In recent years, the fete, which had been hosted at the St. John’s Ambulance Hall outgrew its venue, with scores of patrons crowding the facility to capacity in a bid to catch the excitement of carnival’s anticipated commencement. The 2011 Fire Fete experience proved that the event is loved and enjoyed by real revelers and so, with the aim of making patrons comfortable, safe and secure, the organizing committee unhesitatingly made the decision to head to the savannah.

Many are eager to start the season right. This following the State of Emergency and curfew in the second half of 2011. Fire Fete is being touted as the fete to get the nation back to its natural state of being- a state that promotes enjoyment, freedom and the embrace of festivity. The upcoming carnival starter will feature female songwriter and vocalist Nadia Batson and her brand new all-female band, SASS. According to Batson’s camp, securing Fire Fete means that they’re certainly off to a great start as they too understand that this is the fete that the nation looks to for what’s big in the season. It will be Batson and her ladies’ chance to prove that they are up for the C2K12 challenge and according to Team SASS they are more than ready to bring the heat.

The ‘fireman’ Bunji Garlin will also be at the fore of Fire Fete, along with Fay Ann Lyons and Asylum. On December 20th at Woodford Café, Movie Town, Bunji proved that he’s more than a threat when it comes to being a real crowd pleaser and fans of the artiste will have their first big taste of his energy in C2K12 at Fire Fete. Other artistes include, Kes The Band, Iwer George, Kerwin Du Bois, Super Jigga TC and more. Tickets for the event go on sale immediately after Christmas and already, the buzz is strong as the population sits in wait for the biggest fete to start the season.

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