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Lime ....... Wine...... Lime ..... Wine..... Fill de cup........ Whine ..... Lime  this was the night. Also Happy birthday noise twice.

This moderate crowd was a blast to lime with. Very generous with the wining and drinks. Ladies bought drinks for TJJ always a good thing. There were also a couple of birthdays. Happy birthday from TJJ.

The location was close to the highway... which is great for a quick get away back to the crib.... not much time to get pulled over by police and getting breathalyzer test. The murals were very nice and added a nice city ambiance even though we were in queens. Charlie brown supplied the christmas tree. Thanks CB!

The crowd new how to party. Experts at wine and lime. A couple people had trouble handling there liquor.... however it added to the entertainment. The atmosphere was peaceful and full of life.

There wasn't food that I noticed. Drinks weren't as strong as I like. Effective non the less. Don't know the cost because the crowd suppled drinks so..... price was RIGHT!!!!! BBm wink!

Getting in was a breeze promoter was very professional and security was frozen but friendly!! I don't know how those guys stay in cold like that.

Well worth the money like most of 2B promotion events.

-Uptown Juice

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