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Firstly let the Jokey One start by saying Seasons Greetings to all readers, followers, supporters and everyone that has the juice flowing through them. Well it's four days before we all say ''C'est Noel!" so the Jokey one feels like partying. And believe me, I did.....maybe a lil too much *wink wink.* Anju Babwah brought forth another event called Vivere held at Ambassador Hotel's poolside. Let me give you the 411 of all of what happened.....or from what I can remember. TO THE REVIEW!!!

To start things off I wasn't gonna enjoy this event on my own so I brought along a schoolmate/accomplice. Like the saying goes ""Sharing is caring."" As we entered the venue, we were warmly welcomed by Anju and her fellow committee members. I guess they have the juice flowing all through them.

I kept asking my friend if he walked with a neck brace because the number of double takes we took of beautiful women in the party, our heads might of just unscrewed off our shoulders. Wait....and it's free drinks?! Well blow me down! So far so good; great vibes, free drinks and beautiful ladies bubbling by the poolside. Weather did affect the vibes just a little because I highly doubt these ladies were gonna let rain mess up their gorgeous makeup, especially so early in the dance.

The fist pumping vibes never seemed to diminish as the DJs kept the crowd lively with their selections of music of different genres. Now here comes the juicy part....the live performances. We had Shal S.Dot Marshall looking for all the ladies that would cause "Trouble", we had Supa Jigga TC ready to "Mash up D' speaker box"" with all the "Action", we had Nebula 868 bringing out all the ladies "Confidence" by getting them "A.M.P.E.D" and Mr. 4D himself; Swappi was make everyone "Bubble on a DJ". Ladies and gentlemen, at this point the Jokey one was having a lil too much fun, but what can I say. If you can have a TJJ member at your event and they could have as much fun as I did, then you know you're doing something right. Well done, the Jokey One is pleased.

"Hats off to Anju and her fellow committee members for bringing forth another great event for us to enjoy. Always keeping it fresh. Must thank Swappi, Shal, TC and Nebula for putting on a great performance and to the bartenders at the venue for keeping my cup filled. Must also thank my accomplice for making sure we all got home safely when the dust settled. It's Carnival 2012 on the radar now,  and you know the Jokey Juice is going to be in the middle of it all like a Wednesday so stay tuned for more fun reviews. Till then, have a safe and prosperous Christmas and bright New Year!

Salt N Pepper

-Jokey Juice

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