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Cuchi La La.. Busspepper Promotions’ annual Christmas shinding; this one bringing you some live Parang by Los Paranderos de Londres and that special complimentary Ponche a Crème on entry to warm up d’ system. Nice niceeee..

Back at Apt bar/club for this one. That sleek, stylish venue that BP fans are beginning to get familiar with. Good locality; easy to find. But I’m not sure this was the most suitable place for the ever-popular annual Christmas party. Last year we were at a venue that accommodated the Parang crew upstairs, while regular music was playing downstairs, thereby giving patrons the choice of what they want to hear.

This year however, due to the venue, the downstairs area was shared. The tardiness of the Parangers meant that music by the DJs had to be pushed forward to later. Yes we all like a bit of Parang when Christmas come, but the look on some people faces were as if to say ‘When d’ party startin’?!’

That being said, once the party got going, so it did. Good vibes pumpin’ throughout, drinks flowing and despite the cold London weather outside, there was certainly some heat coming from downstairs of Apt. Overall turnout wasn’t bad, but you know BP peeps make the best of the night regardless!! DJs delivered on the selection of tunes to keep the energy flowin’. Big up Lyrical Louix & DJ Markee.

Standard Saturday night prices for drinks in London. Maybe a bit more pricey on specific drinks.. Food by the resident chef, Ashton & Co. Providing party goers with a selection of ‘Trini Christmas food’ and that bess corn soup that we love!! Great way to end a night. No doubt, we’ll be there next year giving our loyal support.

-Phresh Juice

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