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Bienvenido á Parang - Welcome to parang... and what a welcome indeed! The perfect party to get you into the paranging mood for the season. And who better to extend that welcome than Mr. Parang Himself, Scrunter. With an electifying performance and a mashup crew of DJ's, this night was definitely one to remember.

The party took a while to kick off but I guess that's how Trini's are, a starting time of 10 means reach for 12. But by midnight, the party was packed and pumping with sexy girls ready to bump and grind, fist pump, and jump like crazy. This party was soooo good that even a blue monkey showed up!!

Mobs 2 was an ideal location, clean, enough parking, cool and spacious. The setup was nice but could have been a little more festive.

Madame Jeffery-Oi!!! And where on Earth did Leroy's mother go??? If you know parang then you must recognize these classic by Scrunter. Dj 4Play and Private Ryan kicked off the party with their usual out of this world mixes, getting the party mood set, and then Scrunter came on and destroyed the place. After that performance, the crowd only had so much party left in them, you could see the tiredness kicking in but being fought off. This party was way too great to feel tired or bored.

Cooler party but there was also a well stocked bar available. There were also pastelles and hops and ham if you hadn't gotten your belly into the season feeling yet.

Whatever the price you paid, I'm sure you got your money's worth!

-Christoph S.

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