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This was another good ICE breaker to kick off 2012. The crowd filled up the Jean Pierre Complex which was surrounded with sponsor booths TRIBE has been known for quality girls and they have stayed true to this. Trendy folks rocking what looked like,. on average "3 inch wedges" were strutting their stuff on the transformed complex.

Plenty Stadium Parking Check, Secure Parking Check, ICE barring up the entrance Check, Plenty Girls to greet you check, There were plenty to see including but not limited to a supllgen strong man booth, a chewing gum booth, a tattoo booth, A VIP section and plenty coolers to stroll around and get drinks. There were some ladies sharing shots if you were struggling to get your buzz.  Well done, on the stage, the lighting was so good even my grandma could see who was performing because the fonts was big like the ones on her alarm clock.  Before I forget, I did enjoy getting a brush from the dry ice.  I guess we goh call him the dry ice man with his dry ice gun. 

Vibes was decent.  It started a bit slow but you can expect that when everyone waiting on the artist to come in and do their thing.  The artist took to the stage and then the Red Digcel lanterns were given out.  Hey short of confetti that does get a party going especially when the sound system is on point. I think d bumsee was moving but under the drinks I was not sure what was swaying.

Cooler fete, we need not say more.  Someone promoting bucket for 2012 but not sure the Trinis going for the ghetto man cooler this round. Trinidad too out there now. If you did not roll in with the pristine hand held cooler then your cooler is on wheels with a retractile handle.  If you did not bring your drinks and you were close to the band then you could have gotten drinks at the TRIBE bar and if you did not know anyone, Fear not there were loads of bars and staff standing at attention to help a thirsty Soca soldier.

Cooler fete... is either one of these scenes A} woman hand me a drink nah. or B} darling hold that C} Breds on the count of 3, everyone bottoms up

Well the Party was sold out so I guess by Trini Standards it was affordable.  If you was sticking then you would always negotiate with the many scalpers outside the venue.  

P.S if you take long to make decision and you got coil then fear not this 2012 season.  Scalping is now a full time business in the Soca landscape and even when you see sold out, just know you can still pick up last minute tickets outside the door.

Big up the TRIBE crew, the execution and planning was well done for the thousands of people who attended the event, totally incident free.

-Original Lime Flavor

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>> View TRIBE ICE (Insane Cooler Experience) 2012 Gallery
>> View Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2012 Coverage