New York City, NY - October 31, 2008:- Another defining moment in New York based Clothing line Coskel University's expanding brand recognition. R&B Artist John Legend and band members will be dressed in Coskel University clothing when he begins his tour for the new album "Evolver" in November. Legend's Stylist Connie Johnson who has worked with the likes of D'Angelo, Soul For Real, Heavy D and the Boyz and Rihanna, chose the clothing for the tour as she was looking for something that fit into the lines of "Rock star Cool" (Legend's self described new look).Rkado Stephon, a recording artist and an acquaintance of the owners of CU recommended the line to Connie and eventually brokered the deal between Coskel University and Legend's Camp. Connie remarked, "I totally love the clothing, [have] always been a fan and am happy to have the opportunity to with CU.”

The deal involves CU donating Jeans, Tees and Outer Wear to both the superstar and band members for their performances while on tour and Media appearances including Oprah, Late Night with David Letterman, and various MTV, Fuse and VH1 spots.

Owners of the clothing company, Xolani Heylon and Machiyo Kodaira are undoubtedly thrilled by the prospect of their line being worn by such a Mainstream artist. It solidifies their belief that while the clothing is inspired by Trinidadian culture, it is simply defined by its cultural references, not limited by it. "If our product is marketed properly and is stylish the quality will speak for itself and reach the masses even if they are unaware of the culture itself".

This is undoubtedly true as the popularity of the brand has spread rapidly, throughout the world, regardless of the cultural or racial differences. It's strong and positive message has already gotten to fashionable crowds in major cities of the world; such as Miami, Toronto, Port of Spain Trinidad, London, Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, and Sapporo in Japan and of course NYC.

Coskel University also exhibited in September at the Rooms Trade Show in Japan - one of the most prestigious and well attended clothing trade shows - with the likes of Channel, Lamb, and Juicy - a rite of passage for new brands and a rejuvenation for established clothing companies. The response to their new collection – the CU Collection has surpassed expectations, and at this time a deal is in the works with Pro-Keds which will further expand the brand influence.

By Clivia Robley
Caribbean Girl Consulting