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Ever since Mr. Liverpool stumbled upon the idea of creating his own carnival party, realizing that the carnival world has been overrun by tourists and foreigners also known as Trinidadians living abroad, and these intelligent patrons are mostly entertained and enticed by all inclusive events which have been actually 'marooned' in Carnivals for years before, the event Fall Out, Carnival All Inclusive Edition, has cemented its position on the Tuesday before carnival as a highlight for party goers to land in Trinidad ensuring they arrive for this event. There have been attempts to trump the original 'Tuesday Before Carnival' spot and with major success Fall Out has seen patrons not wanting to attend Eyes Wide Shut anymore. Measure of success some might say, I say definitely success! From simply utilising the idea of an all inclusive which some patrons fail to realise means you get to eat and drink for the majority of the night without having to take cash from your pockets or purse and give it to the bar steward, Fall Out has added to the evolution of a Carnival Party which by now should be only drinks inclusive events and more.

La Soledad Estate was the location for this year's edition of Fall Out, bearing that in mind, this is the third different venue in as many times they have had the event. This questions either that change always brings excitement or that Mr. Liverpool's mind is working overtime all the time! Either way, it is a tossup between the hidden gem of a location last year with the Satellite Dish versus the superbly quiet estate over shadowed by a huge flood flight. Nevertheless, with the food stalls being set up directly as you enter the event, you were greeted kindly with stewards serving you as you requested. Furthermore, you were definitely observing patrons dancing and eating simultaneously, and after all, why not eh? If you could rotate your waistline while taking a piece of bus-up-shut and fill it with curry goat and then simply placing that into your mouth; and while your stomach digests that scrumptious delicacy your waistline is still being rotated ... champion bubbler competition maybe?

Now, Fall Out in its previous years has been well known for its bars and this year was definitely not any different. Your throat was definitely watered by the numerous selection of alcohol at your disposal and a very special mention has to go out to the bar stewards as their service at this event was more than exceptional. Of course there were lines, of course you had to wait, but it could have not been more than two to three minutes max for a drink! Also bearing in mind that coffee patron is a definite hit and TJJ endorses coffee patron and if anyone wants to have a great time and you are an alcoholic or a social drinker, please start your night off by shooting a couple cold ones of patron, and on your last one, have a warm one hahaha ... *sprinkles* ... With all these drinks inclusive parties I often wonder would anybody ever remember the days of partying with cash? A throwback to the days when a cash bar sufficed and to no horror of any patrons if you did visit the bar the words "Sorry, we have run out of xyz" would never be heard!

The most important aspect of an event is the vibe of the party. The Vibe at Fall Out 2012 upon entry for every patron was an earnest young caterpillar crawling around the estate to the bars and the food stalls waiting on the excitement to grow and prosper utilising the skills of Back To Basics, DJ Spice, D' Bandit, Kerry The Drummer & DJ Dane. While Back To Basics & Kerry The Drummer took to the stage, this caterpillar was definitely in the thick of things, already mildly intoxicated on a full stomach, furthermore only seeing the future where it can blossom. Combining an enthusiastic set from DJ Spice and a further aftermath from Bandit, the caterpillar definitely dubbed a new life and showed signs of growing and growing it did, it developed, it became un-measurable, it became something new and can only be described as beauty ... a colourful butterfly shining and flying through the event. The butterfly showed signs of remarkable greatness as later when patrons left the event, the butterfly still flew into the shuttles from the party and into the car parks.

Fall Out 2012 was an excellent post-modern meditation on what a Carnival All Inclusive continues to hold its reign on human fulfilment. It was smooth and slick entertainment, loaded with emotional heartbreak for some when it ended. It controlled its alcoholics and non-alcoholics in a strange, restricted manner then subtly prepares them for the ferocious bliss of vibe it bestowed upon attendees. Fall Out was treated nowhere near as a nominal entity of the carnival 2012 party line up, and it has certainly become a corner stone for what parties can base its future ideas upon.

This was a fete that flowed effortlessly from idea to idea: 
* a gorgeous natural location which patrons definitely went along for the drive; hopes the audience will go along for the ride;
** no ridiculous, goofy or gratuitous attempt to take unnecessary cash from patrons;
*** food ... tasty food ... stocked bar ... which resonated with a what can be a cynical contemporary crowd;
**** DJ Line up which can be described as genuinely exciting and the pathos is clever and well-earned; finally
***** it all made sense!

Honestly, in the back of every patrons' minds when they consider what it could have become (just another all inclusive) and what it ended up being, Fall Out 2012 triumphed.

It was an excellent example of restrained speculation, something there is very little of in today's worldwide Carnival description of all inclusive driven events.

-Scorn Juice

>> View Fall Out 2012 Part 1 Gallery
>> View Fall Out 2012 Part 2 Gallery
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