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NEON YUMA's Drinks Inclusive 2012 Review
By Anthony aka Frenchie Juice
Published on 11-Feb-12
The Saturday before Carnival Saturday has a lot of options when it comes to fetes which includes Fatima All Inclusive, BGSC All Inclusive, Kama Sutra, 2012 new comers RAMA and Village, but not forgetting ...

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The Saturday before Carnival Saturday has a lot of options when it comes to fetes which includes Fatima All Inclusive, BGSC All Inclusive, Kama Sutra, 2012 new comers RAMA and Village, but not forgetting YUMA's NEON making their 2nd year mark. The fever of Carnival by now is already pumping as everyday from then; there are about 2 to 3 fetes per day. There is very little time for rest so just wear your bachannalist boots and walk with your buccckkkkettt on your head and you good for war till Ash Wednesday.

After leaving Fatima and getting to NEON about 1 in the morning, I was already intoxicated and my speech was getting mmmmmm compli... complicated. Parking was not as easy as patrons had to park along the streets close to the college and along the savannah... so we ended up parking on the pavement on one of the side streets. Not sure if security was around... Walking to the entrance of Queen’s Royal College where the party was held, you could admire the neon lights that added a special effect to the building, it was just a great introduction to the eyes. Admission to party was quite easy and free flowing as the venue was not too crowded.

I was now in de party!!! In the middle of the venue there was a big stage lined with neon lights which gave an amazing ambiance. The bars were all around the stage which also included the Brew House and Angostura Rum cocktails bars. Now you know that a drink inclusive fete usually means that bars were well stocked with liquors flowing, rum, vodka, scotch, tequila, beers etc... Special big up to the service, it was on point all night long, no wait , cup never empty!!! Walking all around de venue, you could tell that the crowd was pretty mixed... ladies were well dressed and some of the fellas too. However the vibe was a bit mellow as a lot of people were ‘posing’ and socializing, just weird for a drinks inclusive fete. Food was literally non-existent except for one gyro stall. The tattoo airbrush services added a nice touch to the entertainment.

There were performances by Destra, Kes, KI (JMC 3veni), Kerwin Du Bois, JW & BlazeIwer George and Swappi. Kes and Iwer had the crowd going with their high energy performances and of course Swappi’s "Bucket" performance during the rain was bess. This bucket song is getting really really big and popular now as patrons acting rell crazy when they start to hear it. The other performances were pretty okay as well. Initially the light rain added some spice to the party but when it started to literally pour a lot of people ended up running for shelter or leaving the party. Even though no big deal for TJJ, we all waterproof certified!

YUMA, I will keep a good memory of NEON Saturday, it was good for me because I got my drinks, top soca artistes who brought some vibes to party and finally I got airbrushed tattoos that I only realized that I had the next morning.

My advice for the Saturday before Carnival Saturday would therefore be to go to Fatima All Inclusive then YUMA's NEON (even though the vibe was not as expected given the set of artistes performing and the free flowing drinks) ... get a tattoo ... forget about it and thankfully have pictures to remind you about it. Oh well, c’est la vie!!! Time to get my breakfast of champions (Gatorade, Andrews and a Vitamin C) ... then off to Caesar’s Army "Mai Tai Carnival"  ... boom!


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