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SAB Miller is proud the strategic partnership it formed with nonprofit group WIDECAST 11 months ago. A partnership aimed at saving local Caribbean Sea turtle populations through advocacy, education and volunteer programs, including beach clean-ups that impact sea turtle habitats in over 40 Caribbean nations and territories.

“We’ve been proud to support to support WIDECAST and highlight the important work they do throughout the Caribbean” said Scoot Schaier, SAB Miller’s Manager of Caribbean Operations, ”We’ve been extremely proud of the results we’ve seen thanks to local communities who have taken up the cause.”

According to Dr. Karen Eckert, WIDECAST Executive Director, “Our partnership brings a whole new visibility to these beautiful ocean creatures. Sea turtles are so important to the Caribbean Sea, and to the people who live and play here. We’re excited about working together with SAB Miller to raise awareness and funding for island-based efforts to ensure the survival of these gentle animals.”

Recent efforts include a beach cleanup that took place at Matura Beach on Sunday 4th March, 2011 organised by Nature Seekers. Over 836 volunteers arrived from 7am to remove debris from sensitive turtle nesting areas. A total of 3km were cleaned at Matura beach, as it is an important nesting area for our local Leatherback, Hawksbill, Green turtle populations.

Marlon Newallo from Caribbean Bottlers T&T Ltd had this to say about the cleanup efforts, “Events like these show how the commitment of SAB Miller and organizations like WIDWCAST can improve local communities throughout the Caribbean. It was just really great to be a part of this truly important campaign.”


>> View Island Locals Save The Turtle Gallery