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Hidden Gems... something special but isn't out in the open, popular or the norm. My carnival Tuesday plans include quite a few fetes as options. Some were big and popular, some were far west and others far south. In the end I was taken up and in by the invitation to lime with my favorite TJJ rep; Text-alcoholic juice ... Rumor has it, she like to hold indian boys hands. I don’t know how true that actually is???  That… and well of course, Pixi :) So it’s Valentine’s day and I start to weigh the options with more scrutiny. Chocolate and champagne it is! And was certainly delivered. That and shots, shots and more shots.

Not set out to me a full out big fete, hence the transformation of a past restaurant into a party venue. On arrival we found the house filled. Both inside and outside was shoulder to shoulder with sufficient walking space. Dressed for the venue and event. That is NYC chic. Shirts, dresses and heels. This was certainly not a short pants affair… the media wall photo shoot area cleared that up.

On Rust and Grey and all the other streets in the area offer lots of well-lit parking in a safe neighborhood over looked by security.  A long time famous restaurant in the St. Clair area was converted into this party venue, granting access to both an indoor air conditioned space and out door open air area. The party had the feel of house party meets fete. Key notes were the two bars and various food and beverage stalls. Navigating the party was comfortable and interesting. The rooms provided separations and offered privacy and space within the venue to create some intrigue and size. Besides my own, I heard lots of positive remarks about the venue. I’d like to party there again… somebody make it happen. 

I am of the opinion that when two variables are delivered in the right combination that the party is bound to have excellent vibes. Music and Drinks. As for drinks, it was on point, but I will talk about that next. Music is simple. The most versatile DJ in the entire World… Private Ryan. Not left to his own devices. Ryan was given lots of time to take and give plenty jamming in the party with the support of DJ’s Kaotic and CIN. So plenty proper bubbling on a DJ was going down. Everyone else was no slouch either. 6:30 was definitely present at the venue. Check and mate.

The party was premium. Chocolate, strawberries and champagne literally poured all night long. Ghirardelli… stamp! JW in all colors accompanied all the other top shelf alcohol. And, yes… shots; Jagermeister, Goldschlager. Multiple bars meant that you didn’t have to go far to refill plus a gracious host personally delivering the watermelon “pix-mix”. BTW, I could have drank the pix-mix by the gallon, matter of fact, I think I did. Regarding food, I figure one word would describe the level… crab backs! This was the only party that I attended for the entire season that I could lime… and wine by the bar and be served a variety of local dishes ranging from calalloo to ox tail to corn soup. I am a little biased, but I will say that the alloo pies and tamarind sauce was a winner.

Friendly bartenders and food servers. Smiles, jokes and custom service. Drinks mixed right, food portions served to your desire. short lines everywhere, and even clean bathrooms. Couldn't come up with any complaints regarding the service, except that I did miss some of my favorite promotional girls... I hear that some of them might have been at some big fete roundd the corner... but that's ok, maybe miss is too strong a word? would have been nice to see them ;) in addition to all that I already had!!!

I can't think of anywhere else that would have been as much fun, offer so much and cost as little, especially on Valentine's Day. Personally I am crossing my fingers that there's always an ultra inclusive fete on Valentine's day... I could do with the jamming all night long while my cup is always over flowing with coconut water and anything.

Much thanks for Pixi, her staff and security for all courtesy extended. Definitely know that you’re having a good time when it’s 4am on a week night and you are inside a fete liming after the music is over. Better yet, you aren’t alone. If this was a different type of party, we’d need a tassa drum to get us to go home.

See you next year!!

-Dr. Ram Dass

>> View Zanté 'Chocolates & Champagne' Gallery
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