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Wikipedia defines an AFTERSHOCK as a smaller earthquake that occurs after a previous large earthquake, in the same area of the main shock. Therefore if Trinidad Carnival 2012 was the Main earthquake registering a 10 on the richter scale, AFTERSHOCK, hosted by D'Bandit, was ever so close to causing the definition of this term to be rewritten.

AFTERSHOCK commenced promptly at 11:45pm with the Solarium nearing capacity at midnight. D'Bandit was able to draw the crowd of soca lovers with his proven track record of consistently providing a quality event for an affordable price. He also utilized the the DJs who played at the A-List events in Trinidad this season.

PRIVATE RYAN, HYPA HOPPA and BACK TO BASICS were the trio charged with the responsibility of arousing a sense of nostalgia for those in attendance (a task that was all too easy for them). They manipulated the frenzy of the crowd at will with seamless remixes of timeless classics and current adrenaline pumping hits.

This event was indeed a success and a fun time was had by all. This years carnival season is tipped to be one of the best given number or Soca artists with hit song and fear warning is given to all... When D' Bandit rolls out his event list for 2012 don't let someone else tell you how good it was.... be there and experience it.

$15 ... worth every penny!

-Ted aka Jungle Stallion

>> View Aftershock 'Carnival Experience' Gallery