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When Easter time comes around, there’s usually one place to be, Tobago. You spend your days in the country side or on the beach and on the actual Easter days you take part in the island activities such as the goat & crab races. But as you know in Tobago “You play in the sun, but party, IN THE SHADE.

Things got kicked off with ‘Jump Off Thursday’ where the lime was cool and the cover charge was absent to welcome all the visitors to the island. Nothing spectacular really, but one bust never underestimate the power of a good lime...‘Good Friday Glow Club’ was MAD! (As if random glowing bands being worn every which way all night wasn’t enough) drink special all night accompanied the best House music and Soca being slammed by the mater himself DJ RED ‘Guido’ ensured maximum vibes. The party went all the way till the sun came up and you couldn’t see the glow anymore.

Now I honestly didn’t think nothing could top Friday night....man was I wrong. ‘Easter Saturday Bacchanal Mari Gras’ might not have been the same as the original New Orleans affair, but hell, T&T people know how to make something their own.  Girls didn’t do any flashing but the throw waist to the point where you just had to give them the beads....wow

Between the Autotrax Easter Car Show and all the hype that was created for the performance by Konshens at ‘One the concert’ I missed Sunday....man I regret it. Apparently the lime was hella nice.

Monday night was ‘Simple C’s Birthnight Bash’ an annually sold out event that was no different this year. Ram out was basically an understatement. The night saw a killer performance and series of freestyles by the messenger himself Prophet Benjamin. The crown was putty in his hands from ganja tunes to his Soca claim to fame ‘Throw Wine’. Everyone in Bago was there, even Swappi and the rest of the 4D crew was seen breezing upstairs.

There’s never a dull moment at the Shade, Easter weekend was no different and look forward to what’s in store for the Jazz weekend.

-Bago Out

>> View The Shade Easter Party Weekend 2012 Review