The hot sexy female trio MBC (Make Boyz Cry) has scored its first top ten hit on local soil. The group has been enjoying much attention from radio stations both locally and abroad in recent times with songs such as Busted, Hustlin Life, Real Girl & One More Try. They are currently sitting at position #8 on the HITZ 92 FM Chart with One More Try on the Wonderland rhythm. The Computer Paul produced single is also making its way up the Jamaica Music Countdown Reggae Chart it is currently at #13 on that chart.

Although One More Try is the group's first local top 10 hit. They are no strangers to charts, as earlier this year the peaked at #2 on CHRY 105.5FM's Dancehall chart in Canada with their controversial single Busted (Boot Camp Records). They are currently #3 on DJ Gusma T's reggae chart in Italy with Real Girl (Boot Camp).