5 Minutes With Beres HammondSinger and song writer in one? Most definitely! Stage presence? Fantastic! Heavy impact on the women? Certainly!! Melodious voice? Oh gosh yes! Okay, okay, the chief himself, Hugh Beresford Hammond, in the flesh, true talk, no lie, we got him, and it wasn't easy! Beres is a hard man to catch up with but TJJ going de distance. After sitting and waiting for almost two hours to try and find a way to catch up with the boss, Beres finally came out of his hotel and JoyJuice sprung into action. After his magnificent performance at the "One Love Festival" in Charlotte NC the night before, TJJ just had to get Beres to do a "5 Minutes With" us and when asked for an interview, the humble Beres said with a grin, "Come on man, let's go on the Tour Bus" and we were off and running.

JoyJuice: Well Sir, thanks a lot--(and Beres cut me off right there)
Beres: No Sir man! Beres ... dat cool enough!

JoyJuice: With a voice like yours, if you were running the last leg of a relay, who would you hand the baton to?
Beres: It's hard to say, there are so many great singers out there. Everyone will develop in their own way.
JoyJuice: So no one person?
Beres: Well, I go fling de baton in the air man! Whoever catch it, let dem run wit it! Too much good talent!

JoyJuice: Beres Hammond for President! If that is the cry of the people, what would you do?
Beres: I know my limitations. Music is my thing. I try to keep things in perspective and I know I will not be the right person.
JoyJuice: But it might be nice though, right?
Beres: Yeah man, everybody have they own calling!

JoyJuice: Not many people know your first name as Hugh. If someone personal calls you by Hugh, do you respond?
Beres: Let me tell you ... you want to know what gets a faster response?
JoyJuice: What? Beresford?
Beres: Nah man ... Cujo!! (with a big smile) Since I was a youth, my father always call me Cujo. I don't even know why. But if they call me by that, yuh have to know me!

JoyJuice: Who has had the biggest impact on you?
Beres: My mother ... alive and well. She encourages me all the way. Even today! I must give thanks to mom!

JoyJuice: Cujo ... I could call you Cujo right?
Beres: Yeah man, go on.
JoyJuice: So Cujo, "It's Not Official" is my favourite song! Out of all the songs you've ever wrote/and or sing, which one is your favourite?
Beres: "All My Children." You ever heard that one? (with a little grin)

JoyJuice: No, is it a new on off your new album "Moment In Time"?
Beres: Nah man, meaning, it's all of them! (with a bigger grin) All my songs are my favourites!

JoyJuice: I like that. What's one thing you must do before you perform?
Beres: Pray. Never forget to Pray!

JoyJuice: If there was one person, dead or alive that you could sing alongside with, who would it be?
Beres: Well, there's a few. Frank Sinatra, Otis Redding and Luther Vandross. They played a huge part in my musical conditioning.

JoyJuice: I know at times, you tour with Marcia Griffith. What is it like? Is she like a big sister?
Beres: Marcia is an inspiration .. we're always laughing when Marcia's around. She's full of fun and laughter. Is ah whole heap ah laugh!

JoyJuice: Mr. Hammond, on behalf of Trini Jungle Juice, I thank you.
Beres: Anytime man, anytime. By the way, where is my Jungle Juice jersey??
JoyJuice: (Wheeeeey) Beres, for you, anything! (see photo)

And with that, after hugging Beres and giving him a bounce, Melissa of the Harmony House Singers snapped a few more photos of us. So allyuh see? We doing it up!! We not sticking! Mr. Hugh Beresford Hammond is one humble man. He and his touring party opened their doors for TJJ and we appreciate it. Don't forget to check out Beres' new album "Moment In Time" It's on! And wit that one...

JoyJuice gone again ... out and about!!