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As Carnival 2013 creeps upon all of us Trinidadians, one of the headlining promoters brought forward one of their most anticipated events. The event in which you feel like you're partying in the heavens. Time to go 21 degrees north of Trinidad, straight up the hills of Macarepe, park next to the enormous tracking station and party like there was no tomorrow, or work in the morning seeing that it was a Sunday evening.

Sigh, entering the compound was a bit nostalgic for the Jokey One for a reason that you'll find out at the end, but all in all, this event brought more excitement. With the music pumping, ladies dancing and drinks flowing, what more can a party goer like myself ask for.

Drinks such as Nuvo, Patron, Monster and Blue Waters was in abundance and foods such as Tao Sushi and the infamous Bake and Shark was also fully present. Now lets get to the music. With the party in full swing and music provided by Hollywood Satchi and Euphoric, it was no surprise that this was gonna be a treat. The highlight of this for me personally was when Hollywood Satchi stopped the music to pay respect and tribute to our fallen soldier and fellow Juice; Peter Choo Quan aka d' Local Juice. Now you all know why attending this event was nostalgic for me.

TRIBE and Red Ants have been and will always be known for bringing forth fresh, hot, and enjoyable events for us to eat out of that tastes so good we always are left licking and biting our fingers begging for more. Even when the music ended, the crowd began their own rhythm section equipped with vocalist, musicians and water sprinklers. OK, let me elaborate a little on that. Their vocalists were the die hard people who probably were wasted or close to being there singing any and every one of their favorite tunes. Surprisingly they were in key for most of it. Their musicians were fully equipped with their empty bottles of wine or water bottles and oh yes the sprinklers, who were the Ian Alleyne's of the party by just providing "Wetting after wetting"!

21 North this year was left on a better note for all of us at TJJ. I know Peter was with myself and Cass, but also in all the people present at the event. Toast to d' Local Juice. May he live through us all everlasting!

-Jokey Juice

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