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The long lines of patrons anxiously awaiting entry, cars lined along the streets, music pumping on the inside, men and women dressed for the scorching weather, it could only be one place we were heading….Ssshhh. One of the most anticipated Memorial Wknd events Ssshhh was in full gear and it was a packed house.

C-Pac was decorated with white tents, red and white tables, ladies dressed in the official Ssshhh attire and a nice Arabian-esque tent with red sheets draped at the entry way where all the paparazzi were waiting for photo ops. Not to be outdone by the Slammin Magazine cut out enlightening guests to what new ventures Natalie has up her sleeves.

Though we knew the event was sold out and it was still pretty early out, we didn’t expect to see the amount of people in C-Pac at that time of the day because the sun was still out and blazing; wall to wall with people. The ambiance and the feel of summer was definitely in the air.

The all star cast assembled for Ssshhh definitely came with the energy to keep the crowd entertained. Swappi and Kerwin Du Bois to name a few entertainers brought their game and from start to finish they had everyone moving as well as all the usual suspects on the dj front. The right elements were aligned to make Ssshhh stand out and once again show why every year this event is always a success. In addition to the dj and entertainment lineup, the ladies dressed in the official Ssshhh attire giving out jello shots and other finger foods throughout the event and doing so with a smile ensuring that everyone was having a good time.

Before we knew it, the night was over and we were heading home. As a parting gift we were given a copy of Slammin Magazine; nice touch and interesting read. Natalie, TJJ thanks you for inviting us to your event and we look forward to your next one.

-Karamel Kitten

>> View Ssshhh! 2012 Gallery