Greetings. We bring to you good news. Record Label, JahLight Records, hailing from the beautiful island of Trinidad delivers as promised. The world should remember their 2011 massive reggae riddim album entitled thePassover Riddim. It gave us the powerful title track ,‘ Passover’, from the likes of Reggae international star, Queen Omega. Now they have accompanied the release with their long awaited, Passover Riddim Medley Video (with over 25 000 views youtube views in one month time) which features five solid cuts by the likes of the mentioned, Queen Omega, RasLett, Kristos Jah Servant, Dainjamental and Matthew Greenidge Feat Rincher. The video was done by director, Marvin King, of Kingdom House Concepts Production. It’s a beautiful video indeed, one to be well enjoyed by fans of hardcore reggae music. To commemorate this occasion JahLight Records releases a new track from the Passover riddim by Jamaican rising star, Ras Myrhdak, entitled ‘Spiteful’ , free for download.

However this is not all as the label is also launching their official website which can be located at It is a great site that features some wonderful sections. For all fans of Reggae music this is definitely one for you. Check out the Press section for latest news, the Release Section for all their latest music, the Dubplate section where you find exclusive cuts from artists such as Queen Omega, Jamelody and much more. JahLight Records welcomes all to be apart.

JahLight Records CEO says, ‘The Passover Riddim has thus far been our biggest release as it has helped us to gain a more international recognition as a record label that does reggae music. This video will help us to increase the visibility and promotion of the company and the artists who bond together to make this project a success. As for the website it brings us joy to be able to share with our fans and friends a place where we all can call home. It also gives us more credibility as a business; which is all apart of our great vision and we thank God and everyone that helped us through it all’.

So people you’ve heard it. Be on the look out for great things as JahLight Records is on the rise! It will be a blessing to the team for you to post the song, art and video on your site. All feedback is always welcome. Thank you. Much Love.

Passover Riddim Medley Video