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We’ve been to pool side parties; we’ve been to cooler fetes, so it makes you wonder when you hear about “the ultimate cooler poolside experience.”Once you made it to the door at Martieau’s Mansion for Rehab your curiosity would have been turned to amazement. You had your decor, bar, total security and your 3 levels: General, VIP and Cabana.

A definite point to note were the products of one of the main sponsors Bare Fruit. Delicious fresh fruit juice that had me treating a mini addiction, great on its own, great as a chaser, who knew juice could make a man so happy? Moving On!

General admission was RAM! so much so that the only extra room was in the pool. Some of the sickest DJs were in the mix and had the party going from start to sun up. Not a lot of people came dressed for a pool party but I guess that’s a Tobago thing.  In all fairness a few did and as the sun came up I noticed one guy looking like he was about to drown from a bit of underwater wine he was getting. VIP was much roomier, the bar by your side, the breakfast tent on the other side, definitely was the place to be if you like your belly and like a nice head even more...if you know what I mean...

The hours went on, the drinks kept coming as soon the sun was up, no idea what was going on and nothing but the steep in of York Trace to sober you up.  There really wasn’t a lot to report, it was one of those parties where there was only one mission, get wasted; have fun. If that was what the Rehab team was looking to accomplish, the certainly won. Which reminds me; props must be given to DJ Spitfire, the spearhead of the rehab team and a true visionary...almost excited to see what they come with next.

-Bago Out

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