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My wine is better than your wine...... Party Marshall Curtis

A rooftop venue, 80 something degree weather, Prosecco, Moscato, Rose, countless wine options…. can we say BluVino??!!

With a long winding line to enter the rooftop of the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, music pumping, the anticipation was building just thinking of sampling a long list of wines.... we were ready to fete.  The set up was a little different than last year as the crowd seemed to double in size but that didn’t stop the vibes. With our signature BluVino glasses and wine menu in hand we were ready to indulge.

The Commish, Sounds 4 Life and Back to Basics had the crowd going from start to finish.  From old school dub, to soca, to hip hop... there was no musical genre left unturned.  This was one of the few events where I heard people saying they were vex they got there late because the vibes were on point and they had to play catch up. 

Since the price point for the bottles were reasonable it wasn't a surprise that the bar eventually ran out of my drink of choice, Moscato. WHHAATTT NO MORE MOSCATO!!!!!!!!  Under normal circumstances, I would start to complain but because of the vibes and the tone that was set on that roof, it didn’t matter if we buss the bar or not; we still fetein same way and having a time.  I also noticed that there was a food station set up alongside the bar, but I couldn’t tell you what was on the menu ... too much Moscato on the brain.

We danced until the dj said it was the last song and it was so bittersweet.  No one wanted to go home but so ended yet another Shorblu Event.  Dre, Curtis and newest member to the Shorblu family, Randall ... great job on executing another one of your signature events.

A birdie said to me that there is another surprise Shorblu have in store before the summer is out, and if that's the case TJJ will most definitely be there!


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