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So! The clock strikes TWELVE MIDNIGHT...... and the boat still tied up!.... Yes!!!! We weren't left. 23rd Street departure.....ride up the east river........jersey girls and close view of the city, a recipe for a great boat ride! After long walk to boat in the back pier next to another boat that was boarding....which caused a little confusion at first. Once on the boat we were offered a selection of masks to choose from......it is a masquerade boat ride.

I chose the gold....food was to be served' so the aroma was present and inhaled OFTEN.....AHHHHH!!! Back to basics was there on time if not early, to set up and start spinning for all those boarding.. Playing classics...current and forgotten tunes. Once we set sail, the ride was smooth. Not enough people to cause the boat to have a gangster lean. Thank god its frightening when the dj has to say..."Allyuh on dis side ah de boat need fi go on dat side, de boat leaning yuh don't feel it so"!

The city scape didn't disappoint at all mixed with a great breeze...ELEGANT VIBES..and assorted masks making it a soulful Cirque De Sole. We will be there next year to make sure the vibes are better if not the same. A mature crowd can get on bad ....as well as the best of them...Especially after a BOTTLE AH RUM!!!!! 


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>> View Midnight Masquerade Gallery