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All right kiddos, its that time of year where we strap up our boots and head to a party that makes you feel like you're partying in the "Down Under." That's right I'm talking about Outback. Time to party under the stars with....that big party lit filled house...or that lifted stage, with the DJ.....wait wait wait, am I at the right venue? Felt more like I was in the sequel to the movie Project X. Or was it that Red Ants intended to do this. Hmm, interesting, lets get to the review shall we.

Now I'll admit, it did feel a bit weird walking into a different venue for Outback since I accustomed to their past Jamboree Park venue, but you know, there was still a lot of familiar aspects that kept my vibe and adrenaline pumping. From the beautiful promotional ladies, to the beautiful party ladies in attendance, my eyes felt like I was in Willy Wonka's factory. There was more than enough candy for me to sample.

Did I mention it was a free drinks affair? Well even though i pace myself as far as alcohol is concerned, I don't let good things go to waist. Patron by the dozens, Tequila by the barrels, chocolate fountains, techno lights, oh my what more can you ask for? The ambiance was truly like I said; a scene from the movie Project X. There was even a bouncy castle for us party people. Now  for those who might think the bouncy castle idea is corny, just remember people do some strange things when enough drinks get to their head.

Red Ants once again brought forward a fun filled event. It may have been a different venue, but the vibes was the same, and we hope it never dies. The Jokey 1 was pleased, and tipsy afterwards..... but c'est la vie.

Did we forget anything? Add your 2 cents below...

-Salt n' Pepper, Jokey Juice

>> View OUTBACK 'Project X Style' Gallery