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2 chips in 2 chips out, TJJ arrived to CRIBS, Circus Edition without a doubt! We were greeted upon entry, and we didn't fail to realize the two beauties in their circus attire welcoming party goers. We were definitely excited at what we had arrived to. There was an ambiance and a presence that could not be forgotten.

Cotton Candy and Slushies filtered the bellies of the attendees. Popcorn was Popping. There was a stage in between the crowd where cat dancers, fluorescent lights brightened up the dark night, decked out in exquisite decor and of course all of the beautiful customs and artistic makeup designs worn by the bartenders and working crew.

Quickly and efficiently the crowd rolled in. Too bad we can't say the same for the vibes. Even doh some of Ny's finest djs was killing it on the ones an twos.  The vibes started up very slow and didn't really take off until Back to Basics sparked up some movement. Thanks to the sweet sound of the oldie yet but goodie soca and calypso tunes, young and old took over the dance floor. We even spotted Soca Queen Alison Hinds taking a small wine in the corner.  CRIBS wouldn't have been the same if there weren't for the Fire Dancers on stilts. Flames were lite, batons we swinging, and all cameras were flickering.

If anything could have waken up the crowd, when Machel "Bottle of Rum" played, it definitely did justice. Great way to hand off the sounds of Pantrin Vibez. More "oldies but goodies" to kickoff more vibes. Pantrin pumped up the reggae.

All in all, CRIBS: Circus Edition had great presentations, service and organization. The vibes was mellow but yet sweet.

Thanks to Natalie and her lovley staff for having us.

Did we forget anything? Add your 2 cents below...

-Mellon Juice

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