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Boom Boom Review
By Liz aka Posh Juice
Published on 30-Jun-12
Boom Boom is back for it's 2nd year running and the Dame du Show girls continue to bring something Unique to the London party scene!

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Boom Boom is back for it's 2nd year running and the Dame du Show girls continue to bring something Unique to the London party scene!

Boom Boom is all about bringing together International DJs and a diverse crowd to enjoy FABULOUS music in the centre of London. Tonight promises Kizomba, Soca, Zouk, Dancehall, Hip Hop, R&B and Funky House and tonight as well as introducing some new talent from the UK and some Dame du Show regulars, the Caribbean posse in the crowd were out to listen to DJ Private Ryan live and direct from Trinidad especially for BOOM BOOM!!

Following last year, Boom Boom was set at Agenda, close to Fenchurch Street, lots of tubes and buses close by but you needed some creative skills to find a parking spot unless you arrived super early! Agenda hasn't always been our favourite spot as the long L shaped venue often causes an odd vibe but not tonight! Any previous issues with the sound system  in this venue from previous events seemed to be fixed, in fact, so good we needed to move away from he pumping speakers all over to stop us losing our hearing... BOOM BOOM!

So by now you probably figured out ... THE MUSIC WAS ON POINT! I can't tell you when last I went to an event where I couldn't predict what the same old DJs were playing over and over again! Every DJ that graced the stage brought something fresh, something old skool or something funky... the old skool Hip Hop and Dancehall in particular had the room pumping! The Portuguese crew were digging the Kizomba and Zouk and the dance floor and the bum bums was shaking from start to finish! The crowd was loving the tunes and before long Agenda was packed from corner to corner!! The Ladies were dressed to impress... short pants and tight dresses galore, aye aye aye,... eye candy for the men for sure ! but Ladies beware, the short dresses obviously had some men a little too excited... hands to yourself please!!!

By 3am, all that dancing had us starving hungry so some food somewhere around would have been a plus but we survived! Drinks were usual City prices, but luckily not overpriced and the bar staff were fun and friendly, jamming to the music behind the bar!!

If you are into Notting Hill Carnival, tonight Dame du Show teamed up with ABIR to give you a chance to win 2 all inclusive packages for Carnival Sunday, so clearly it's time to get in the spirit guys... and what better way to get you going!

But by far the best thing about this event was the music so we must give an extra big up to DJs Jairo, Cinde Rella, Alitwizt and of course Private Ryan!!! We love love loved the tunes and the diversity of the music... more of the same please! If you are looking for an event in London that brings something fresh and Unique, Dame du Show is where it's at... and the Ladies behind the movement brought top service and of course TOP vibes... until the next one... BOOM !

Be a part of the movement that is DAME DU SHOW!!!

Did we forget anything? Add your 2 cents below...

-Posh Juice

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