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Another day turned over and it's off to the AmNesia with RedBone! All we could think of is getting breakfast at this breakfast fete so is rel pace on the road! Knowing that some of the top DJ's are playing, we did not want to skip a beat at all. The session was top of the line...in every way possible. You missed this one! It was a combination of DC's finest .... location, food, people ... ah mean ...you name it ... the AmNesia had it. The only thing they did not have was an extra hr!

The place was not rammed out but the room did not look scanty. Besides... the later it got, the more people showed up! The dress code was simple... Sunday Evening best... and that was no joke. Ladies ... you looked good! The men kept it simple as well cutting their shirts and slacks.... and even the his Excellency, Dr. Neil Parsan, was decked off in a cool white shirt and a pair of blue jeans. He was sharp, clean and very professional. At the end of the day, from the looks of the crowd... everyone was well dressed. 

One could not ask for a better location. Even though parking in the DC area was a bit tough and I got a $30.00 parking ticket, the tri-level building quickly erased my concern about the parking as the ambiance was visually appealing. 'The Park' on 14th Street came with an elevator to move between floors, good clean bathrooms, two big bars and a buffet area to serve food. The back patio is where we partied and it came with its separate DJ Booth and bar as well. Nice! Seating was available but limited. And besides, Soca music was playing! Who needs seats?

There was no doubt that the vibes for this party right up to the top! Again... veteran DJ Sprang Int'l welcomed the early party goers and kept them in place until DJ Hazzard and Private Ryan took over and turned up the heat in the kitchen. The music was first class all way. The vibe continued until close... with nonstop wining!

To top off the fact that this was an all inclusive.... it was also... THE BEST FOOD EVER!!!!!! People.... you need to know that even though the Park is an american night club, the main chef is Trini.... Ms. Loyce ... and her hand real real sweet!!! Callaloo, stew chicken, jerk wings, spanish rice... and my favorite... cinnamon apples ... OOooomyyyyllllaaaadd!!!! Ms. Loyce ... thank you so much for that food.

People the presentation was just a good as the food as well. As for drinks, it was a cash bar and the drinks were reasonably priced.

From the promoter to the staff at the Park, the service was exceptional. The staff kept the tables cleaned and free of empty plates.... the security were all in the same dress code..... and the serving crew were very friendly and mannerly. Great job to The Park and its management!

So here's the deal .... free food $45 (best food ever, by the way), Private Ryan, Hazzard and Sprang Int'l, beautiful people in the dance, great staff and good organization.... Any Questions?

This was a good event, we had a great time there. Jason and team, great job all the way. Good decision on location. DJ's keep up the good work! To the patrons of this event, we know you had a wonderful time. Let's do it together again in 2013!

-Joy Juice

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