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TRUST -Firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.

The L3 Movement left us no choice but to put our TRUST in them to take party-goers to this ‘Secretly Exclusive’, never before used venue. The fact that you had no idea where this road may lead or end added some thrill and excitement to most patrons.

Off we go... Before we arrived to the exclusive beach venue it was level vibes and shots on the party bus. It was the pre-pump to get us into the hype before the actual jamishness. The drive was long it was like we were on an adventure into the unknown.

Are we there yet??? Yes finally, we’re at this secluded party oasis, greeted by LLB and Puncheon promotional girls for MORE shots upon arrival.

It was a very relaxing vibes at first but as the sun started to set the real ‘jamishness’ start! I think I saw a glimpse of numerous girls taking a wine on an inflatable whale?? 

The music by the likes of (list DJ’s) kept the vibe going…I swear we would have partied til sunrise if possible.

TJJ fam can’t wait to see what next the L3 Movement has in store for us…we will put our full #TRUST in them once more.

Butterfly Juice

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