Photo: Project Override with the cast of Fearless Our Breakthrough

Project Override is a new alternative rock band ready to showcase their talent to Trinidad and Tobago. Their purpose is not only to entertain, but to also give back to their community to make T&T a better place. This past weekend (July 7th & 8th) Project Override volunteered their musical talents to Swaha International and St Joseph Convent (St Joseph) in order to help each organization upgrade their physical facilities.

On Saturday, Project Override joined the Gyaan Deepak Mandir of Swaha International aboard the Treasure Queen for the organization’s first annual cooler cruise. “The experience was fulfilling, knowing that we can network with other performers and still be able to give back to the temple that is in need of physical repairs.” stated Jeremy Anil Mangalsingh, the current lead guitarist of the band. Joshua Boodram who is the current vocalist of Project Override had a great time at the event. “The audience really appreciated our contemporary love songs! What more can we ask for as performers!”

Following their 4 hour long cruise with the temple, Project Override also volunteered their musical skills to St Joseph Convent (St Joseph) for their ‘Fearless’ concert hosted by the school’s Glee Club on Sunday. The event was held for the purpose of building a new chemistry lab and refurbishing the school’s bathroom facilities. One of the highlights of the night was when Project Override's rhythm guitarist Ricardo Abraham, assisted the new and upcoming band 'Haven Close' after they encountered technical difficulties on stage. "It was no biggie!" said Ricardo humbly. "The show had to go on, and it was just a simple matter of plugging the right cord into the right jack. It was effortless!"

Apart from their voluntary efforts, you can expect Project Override to have their customary independent shows throughout the July/August vacation. Also make sure to look out for them at the Annual Pop Music Awards 2012 at Space La Nouba and at the Battle of the Bands, hosted by Woodford Cafe. Make sure to check out Project Override on facebook and on youtube. You can email us at


Public Relations: Shahad Ali 868-350-8425
Band Manager: Jeremy Anil Mangalsingh 868-769-9312