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A line-up of the hottest DJs in Toronto is nothing new.....
A jam-packed KOOLHAUS is nothing new....
The sexiest women barely dressed in white is nothing new.....
A 250 pound + member of the soca warriors crew diving off stage into a sea of people....DAT WAS NEW!!! and just a sample of how much fun was had at WHITEOUT TILL IT BRIGHT OUT 2012

This event is considered(with good reason) one of the signature events for the Toronto carnival season. All in attendance heeded the warnings with respect to the dress code and as a result KOOLHAUS was transformed into a sea of white. All genres of music were covered by the respective DJs who delivered quality set after quality set.

The vibes reached fever pitch when the power of soca music inspired a sturdily built soca warrior  crew member to voluntarily leap from the stage into the arms of some very nervous crew members who managed, with the grace of God, to successfully prevent him from having to utilize his heath card.

One can always be sure that at every event put on by Dr Jay and the KOS family there is sure to be a bevy of beautiful single and/or soon-to-be -single women in attendance.

If this event is any indicator as to what we can expect for the upcoming sessions you can close your eyes and buy your tickets. However take that these events in future may come with a WARNING  that reads: Will cause euphoric sensation that could lead one to perform superhuman feats.

Another stellar event by the KOS Crew.

-Jungle Stallion

>> View Whiteout 2012 Gallery