5 Minutes With Marlon AsherFinally, a reggae artist from Trinidad coming to town to represent for the island and show that we could roll with the big dogs. Tonight would be a night for small victories and Marlon Asher would be leading the charge!! A quick stop in Amsterdam on his European tour promoting his new album called "Unconditional Love." The original Ganja Farmer in Ganja Land!!! (view full event coverage) I don't care where you from, what language you speak, or what colour you are, everybody and they granny know the smash hit from Marlon - "Ganja Planter". The Ganja Farmer blessed Amsterdam with a memorable concert. Big up Marlon for representing for the music, the culture and most of all for Trini! Of course Trini Jungle Juice was there to get the exclusive...

D1: I'm introducing something new to TJJ. I have 3 one word questions I call "The Trinity". I go say a word and you give the first word or short answer that comes to your head. Cool?
Marlon Asher: Yes I .... Cool!

D1: Here is the first word ... Black.
Marlon Asher: Humble and Calm.

D1: Second word ... Circle.
Marlon Asher: Oneness and Love.

D1: Last word ... Beautiful.
Marlon Asher: (begins to laugh) Women in Europe!
D1: Hahahaha ... Dat me say!!!

D1: So what has been the best part of your day so far?
Marlon Asher: Today I did some studio work and that went real good.
D1: Creativity flowin!

D1: When did you make the decision to do this music thing full time?
Marlon Asher: (pauses to think) Five years ago ... when an elder gave me some good positive advice.
D1: Good thing for that..
Marlon Asher: Yes, true. It was good advice (smiling).

D1: What word do you dislike the most and what is your favorite word?
Marlon Asher: Dishonesty! When I hear that word it makes me angry!
D1: And your favourite?
Marlon Asher: Unity!
D1: (smiles) Nice choice.

D1: Where's the one place in the world you want to go and why?
Marlon Asher: (laughing) Brazil ... I have to see Rio!!
D1: (also laughing) Another good choice!

D1: What is a Marlon Asher specialty?
Marlon Asher: Yes, yes ... macaroni pie, lentil peas, rice and potato salad. Good Food!
D1: For real. Sunday lunch correct!

D1: What is your dream ride?
Marlon Asher: (pauses a while then laughs) Dodge Ram.
D1: Fuh real?!

D1: Are you a sneaker man or you prefer something like Timberland's?
Marlon Asher: Sneakers all the way!! I don't really care for brands as long as it look good and comfortable.

D1: Who's the funniest person you know?
Marlon Asher: Leary Joseph ... he's the number one!
D1: Wow! He's still around?
Marlon Asher: Yeah man, yeah man. (laughing)

D1: What's the first thing about a woman that catches your attention?
Marlon Asher: Cleavage!! (chuckles)
D1: Respect!!

D1: What do you miss the most about Trinidad when you are away?
Marlon Asher: My woman and kids.
D1: Spoken like a true man.

D1: If a genie came to you now and say Marlon, I giving you one wish ... anything you want in the world ... what would you wish for?
Marlon Asher: World peace.. straight up!
D1: I hear that.

Nuff said! Big up to Marlon Asher once again!

D1 signing out from Holland-town!