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I guess the saying really is true! "The only thing rain could stop is Cricket" A Dance ram out in a thunderstorm is just madness!! Talk about Vybez in the rain. Party People you guys really know how to Party.

The crowd wasn't too small but wasn't big either. It was a small intimate backyard jam and that's exactly what they did...Jam.

The location this year was at a private backyard. It was nice and clean. Parking was a breeze, it was five mins away from home. We couldn't ask for nothing less.

Well boy... After staggering inside the fete at super start times. It seemed like everyone got a head start at the bar. All kinda different wine was throwing. In the Rain mind you! The djs for the night definetly kept the vybez going for the quick hour that we spent.

Suprisingly there was food left when we arrived. I guess that's why it's called an ALL Inclusive right. Big up Clarke Promotions for feeding our hungry bellys. The food was awesome. Big up the lovely Bartender's as well for keeping the drinks flowing all night long.

Party People are basicially family to us here at TJJ NY. Service was easy like squeezie just  the way we like it :). 

Not sure of the price but I do know it was an All inclusive for less than $100 where you finding that in this day an age???

-Text-A-Holic Juice

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