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On any other Thursday in Tobago you might just organise a little movie night with the sweetie pie and maybe a nice dinner at Bamboo Mile, or take the crew to Barcode and enjoy a little pool and Karaoke (hopefully drunk to improve the singing). Not this Thursday!

This Particular Thursday was a choice between going to Retro Thursday on the beach with Merciless & Hawkeye OR DJ Private Ryan making his first visit to The Shade....not being bias but...the choice was a bit clear. It was Glow Thursday and it was the first day of the 3 most intense days of that week. DJs Gizmo and Red got the party pumping and really got the vibes flowing, and, for lack of subtlety...Private Ryan just got up there, got the entire crowd in his sights and just killed everything...We’re talking every genre, perfect mixing, not to slight and just right. IT WAS SICK!

Mad Hatters Friday... Not a lot of crazy hats...but definitely vibes, lots and lots of vibes. Although, I did feel a disturbance in the force..I wasn’t sure what it was until I noticed the girl to guy ratio, it was off. Best bet was because Kes was performing at GFW....ladies do love Kes....

Moving On!

On Saturday we had the Sunrise Jam, RAM OUT! I think about 300 more people and you would swear it was Easter weekend. You had to wonder if all these people were getting tired of playing in the Sandbox (if you know what I mean). Endless Vibes, Endless Drinks...and for those who didn’t eat before they drink, or just have no control...Endless Heights!

There is never a dull moment at The Shade, and for a place that has to open every weekend and find and maintain vibes EVERY weekend, they really do work hard and as long as you come intent to lose a little money in the bar and exhibit some behaviour you wouldn’t want your mother to see...then there is no doubt that you are in for an unforgettable time...

-Bago Out

>> View The Shade Summer Spree Gallery