It's right around this time of year when I start to get a little antsy around sweets and treats and stop smiling.  It's CBC (Carnival Boot Camp) time.  Ah yes, it's that time of year to start focusing on the body due to the impending wearing of scandalous and barely there Carnival costumes in the near future.  For those of you who don't know, CBC starts three months before Carnival and consists of intensive refusals of sweets and fried goodies and sometimes...alcohol. 

I always flop with this.  I wish I had the will power to always say no to doughnuts, cake, fries and (drool) fried chicken but for the love of d Lawd, I'm only human!  Yesterday was one such day.  I had a slight case of Tabanca and decided to drown my MADness in a pint of ice cream...and a large bag of chips...and some sweet drinks.  Today I know I have to work it off...looks like I'll be doing alot of walking today to burn off those extra calories.

I truly admire those Carnival babies whose bodies are ripped and without a jiggle.  How do you do it?! WHAT IS YOUR SECRET?!  How can you say no to a slice of double chocolate cake or KFC?  Well I'm taking a stand...I'm going to try my best to say no to all these goodies...well maybe not alcohol...woman cannot survive without Scotch.  Thank goodness I burn off at least 6 pounds before Carival Monday from all that winin at the fetes.  God bless Trinidad and it's Sauna like weather.  I've never been so happy to sweat as much as I do when I'm there.

As for exercise, I really have no shame at work.  Last year, a coworker and I did push ups 3 times a day in the office.  We had a really big area where we could shut the door and do as we wished.  This year I'm at at different job where I'm sure if I busted out in push ups, I would immediately get carted off to HR and given 2 weeks notice along with a recommendation for a psych evaluation.  People in the US just don't understand the seriousness of the season!

What do you do to prepare?  Do you have your own CBC?


-Mad Red Woman