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So the captain says because of an impending storm Midnight Madness scheduled for August 10th had to be postponed for one week.  Roll on to August 17th and with clear skies and a beautiful night we were headed to Sheepshead Bay for part two of 2B end of summer boat ride.

We seemed to be right on queue because we arrived the same time as the famous party buses the 2B crew provides from Queens to the pier.  We did not waste any time boarding the boat because the crowd on the pier was something serious and the weather forecast had also predicted rain.  Before we knew it, the sky opened and it started to pour. In true fashion, the line to board continued move as passengers boarded, yes nobody we saw ran for cover.

As Funky Fat Boy, Spice and Sounds 4 Life kept the boat rocking we forgot that it was raining on the bay.  With a mix of old school Hip Hop and R&B, Reggae and Soca, there were moments of nostalgia for most and from the singing and dancing it was clear that everyone was having a good time.  The rhythm section also kept the beat going by doing what WE Riddim Section does best; keeping the crowd pumping.  This happy feeling was amplified by the appetizers offered on the lower level of the boat that consisted of light finger foods and corn soup.

For the second time this summer, 2B produced a memorable ride that definitely left us waiting to see what next year will have to offer.  Great event by the 2B crew and despite the rain date, you made sure your patrons were safe and well taken care of.  Kudos and thank you.


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