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Garden 54, one of Brooklyn’s best kept secret locations opened their doors on Saturday August 18th for an evening of great music, food, friends and ambiance hosted by Matrix Promotions.  Nestled in the heart of Brooklyn, this inconspicuous location left you wondering how can something so unique be so interesting and instantly got us excited to see what the night had in store.  This was the perfect spot for Matrix’s 2 for 1 backyard party.

We were greeted by friendly faces and colorful background which left us feeling warm and welcomed followed by the infectious, pulsating music that had us ready to fete.  Upon entering this spacious venue, it was so nice to see a grown and sexy crowd enjoying great music by Back to Basics and Fresh Kid. Some of Brooklyn’s best talents graced the stage to give the crowd an entertaining performance; from little Devin to Lyrical, the crowd was definitely into the show.  Party goers were dancing, enjoying the music and atmosphere while others were just having a good time watching the goings on on what was the deemed the dance floor which was the entire yard. 

The 2 for 1 drink specials set the tone for the night and made everyone a little more loose as well as the complimentary eats promised by Matrix was the icing on the cake. Catered by Cheryl from All Access Promotions, the menu consisted of a mixture of some exotic delicacies from the Caribbean as well as a variation of foods from different areas of the world.  No stone was left unturned and party goers were able to sample a little bit of everything that was offered to tantalize their pallets.

The only thing missing was having more time to dance, enjoy the crowd, catch up with friends and of course the ambiance.  However, all good things must come to an end and so did this event.  Though it was bittersweet, we left content and with the memories from the night; now we wait in anticipation for the next event.  Matrix Promotions, you produced another memorable event and we look forward to your next one.

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