Brasil’s Nite Club has been on the map of the Philadelphia Salsa Community for quite some time now.  I’ve been teaching Wednesday night Salsa class before all the dancing starts for over 6 years and would like to offer some tips/trivia to make dancing at Brasil’s on Wednesday night more pleasurable:

1.        Brasil’s is very small, so it’s best to keep your steps (especially when you go back) very compact.
2.        If you do end up stepping on someone (which happens a lot), please make sure to turn around and apologize immediately, the person you stepped on might hold a grudge against you forever.
3.        Try to dance in a slot, on the outside of all the people, either close to the mirrors or close to the walls.  This way you have people only dancing on one side of you. If your slot is parallel to whatever wall you are dancing, you will only be hit (if you get hit) from one side.
4.        The area closest to the bar tends to have more beginner folks, middle gets the intermediate dancers and the end of the floor closest to the DJ booth usually has the best dancers/teachers/pros.  If you are a beginner, I recommend staying away from that area because there are usually girls doing gazillion turns, hair and arms flying and you don’t want to be caught in the line of fire if you don’t know how to dance around the advanced dancers.
5.        The dance floor gets crowded and not big to begin with.  So, please do not stand on any “danceable” portion of the dance floor with a drink in your hand.  You might get hit or you might actually be in the dancers’ way.
6.        Aside from regular club lighting, Brasil’s also has black light, which can make all your white clothes and accessories look really cool.  HOWEVER (this is for ladies), do not wear white bra and panties and some dress that can potentially be see-through in the black light, more people then you intended will see what you are wearing underneath your clothes! (it happened to me just another week with my shirt and it was extremely annoying trying to stay out of the black light and a bit embarrassing!)
7.        It does get HOT in there.  Don’t complain, it’s a dance club, of course it’s going to get hot!! Plan accordingly and wear appropriate clothes or you might even consider bringing a change of clothes.
8.        Support the bar, even if you don’t drink.  Buy a water.  Just think about all the expenses the club owners have to go thru:  DJ, teacher, bartenders, security, door staff, lights, air-conditioning, rent, insurance, etc… all this so we can dance the night away for 5 bucks!!  
9.        Parking is usually very easy to find.  Ritz Theatre parking lot (on Front Street) is free most of the time.  Sometimes you’ll see a guy collecting $10, he is there maybe once every 3 months.  If that’s the case and you don’t want to pay $10, drive a little further and you will surely find a spot on the street along the Front Street.

Brasil’s is located at 2nd & Chestnut in Philadelphia and the best place to go dancing on Wednesday nights.
p.215.638.0418  ext.  223