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The Taste Clan crew stepped outside the proverbial box and brought LUMINOSITY (The Neon Backyard Jam) to Brooklyn. With the city high rise apartments as the back drop set against neon lit balloons hanging in mid air on a pitch black night, the backyard was illuminated.

From the streets you could see the neon lights and you could definitely hear the base of the music sparking excitement. Glow sticks given out upon entry made the entire yard look like we were in a rave but with a Caribbean twist; love the added effect ladies.

With the yard at capacity, DJ Bittaz and Bills had the crowd dancing to all the latest reggae and soca music. The crowd was now anxiously awaiting PanTrin Vybez as the mc kept reminding us that he was up next. As the dance start to get extra swanky the police made sure to put an end to that. That was it, no more music, no PanTrin, fete done. However, for those that were there they definitely enjoyed the vibes that started and can only contemplate what these ladies have in store for their next event.

Good job and can't wait to see what you produce next.

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