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Epic is one of the few words I've found that can begin to describe J’ouvert Jamishness (JJ) and yet it does not do this fete justice.

From the venue change to time change some were a bit leery about the reasons behind this and having second thoughts.  But after remembering what happened last year, their tune changed rather quickly.  For those of you who missed it, go directly to YouTube and have a good cry and for those in attendance you can also view the video and reminisce on what has been named the ultimate paint fete in Brooklyn.

In its sophomore year JJ seemed to be on a path to challenge it as well as the masses.  From official registration, committee members in various fetes throughout the summer to designated package distribution centers; like is mas we getting ready to play?  This was a new phenomenon that only Ago Solvo would dare to do and while I was unsure how long this would last I must say well done Ago and your JJ team.

Roll on August 24 and we gearing up for paint, paint, more paint, jamishness and then there's a text and email blast sent out indicating JJ time was changing to start @ 11am instead of 4am WHAT.....!!!!!!!!!!  So after a little grumbling and realizing that I can sleep a little longer, I was fine with the idea of going JJ @ 11am.  We rounds up the crew, polished off a bottle of Johnnie and then we were off.  From when we park up we knew the day would never be the same.  From seeing people in the street in JJ shirts, to men rolling in bare back, women in cheeksters, shower caps, bikini tops, yes JJ had an entire mixed bag of characters making their way to Volume 2.

Upon entry everyone whether or not you wanted it was sprayed down with paint from head to toe….gotta love it.  The yard had a decent crowd but it was building up rather quickly and before you know it, the yard was RAMMM!!!!!!!!!  So what do you do in a j’ouvert fete … what else but make a mas with whatever you have?  With we own jab jab, a jewfacian (yes that’s what he called himself), someone in a troll mask with a broom, superman or maybe that’s what he was trying to be and two characters in granny dusters spraying people with paint JJ was in full swing.

With soca hits from yester year to all the new hits everything old seemed new and sweet like we were hearing it for the first time.  And yes there was some reggae in the mix which did not take away from the vibe in the least.  The vibe was so ON that I found out from my MOA family that when Fayanne “drop on the ground and roll/misbehave” came on an entire crew paid homage to Ms. Lyons and drop on the ground and roll literally … SERIOUSLY??????  That is friggin madness right there and I completely missed it.  However, we did not miss seeing a certain JJ rep climbing up on the people property along with other party goers and having a good time.  Yes JJ was pace and everyone and I mean everyone was liking themselves.  But when the sprinklers came on, OMG it was total euphoria and pandemonium in that yard.  Is like a switch came on and the behavior meter went off the charts.  I’m not sure what was in that water or if the drinks from the bar were spiked but the random acts witnessed well you just had to be there to see it.

Needless to say, you still had the few people for whatever reason who wanted to be social and stand up on the side to gape.  I just don’t get it is a j’overt fete, there should not be any social behavior but it did happen and I’m sure maybe some of those people were into the show Treason and Scar gave as we found out they gave a good performance.  The rest of party for the most part was too busy having fun to focus on the stage to watch a show.  They were in a zone that was unfathomable and I still can’t believe it all now but we were whining for over six hours and is not even carnival yet.  Ago, like yuh trying to kill people orwha?  Is from 11am to 7pm the fete went and nobody wanted to go home.  It’s a good thing this fete was a Saturday and not a Sunday because a lot of people including myself were so mash up that yes we would’ve been calling out from work.  TJJ endorses JJ to be kept on a Saturday so we have a full day to recuperate.  

Until next year……………

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>> View J'ouvert Jamishness 2012 Gallery
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