5 Minutes With GyptianAbout 1 hr ago, I received a phone call letting me know that Gyptian would be signing autographs and promoting his new album "I Can Feel Your Pain" at the VP Records retail store on Jamaica Ave in Queens, New York. As it happens, I was already in the vicinity and decided to drop by and link up with the man himself. I also caught up with him at his performance last week at Club Tobago, where he mash up the place with Mega Banton (see coverage)! 5 Minutes With Gyptian starts right now!

Cindy: Where did you get the inspiration for your new album "I Can Feel Your Pain"?
Gyptian: It's all about life and my surroundings, everything that's here!

Cindy: Do you have a favorite song on the album?
Gyptian: All of them, I can't choose one; everyone of my songs is my favorite.

Cindy: What's one word to describe you?
Gyptian: Easy, Cool & Relaxed.
Cindy: If you could choose just one, which one?
Gyptian: Easy...

Cindy: What your favorite Riddim?
Gyptian: I like Riddims that are easy flowing, and if I had to choose one I would have to go with "Season Riddim".
Cindy: Nice choice... really sweet and slow!
*One of Gyptian's first hits "Is There A Place" is on the "Seasons Riddim"

Cindy: If you had to pick a song for the anthem of your life what would it be?
Gyptian: (thinks for a second) "Love & Hate" by Dennis Brown (starts to sing "Loveee and hate can neverrr beeeee)
Cindy: Chune!

Cindy: If you weren't involved in music, what do you think you would be doing?
Gyptian: An artist. I love to draw!
Cindy: Wow!

Cindy: What is one thing your fans don't know about you?
Gyptian: I can cook, draw, dance. They don't know that I'm mad & crazy though. For fun, I like to get up in the morning and play jokes on friends!
Cindy: Oh lawd, I stayin' far away from you then ... hahaha.

Cindy: Where do you see yourself in five years?
Gyptian: (looks at me and smiles) Alive and doing well!

Cindy: Okay last question, what's in your pocket?
Gyptian: (looks at me surprised.. I seem to get that reaction from everyone. he goes digging in his pocket) Money, Keys and 2 white rags in my back pockets!
Cindy: One must always have a white rag, yes!

Well there it is, from the one and only Gyptian to you! Now since he was promoting his new album, you know I had to pick one up and let me tell you, talk about my CD player has been on non-stop repeat since! I love it! (sings) " ahh umm a, ahh umm a umm umm I cannn feel your painnn, ooohh ohh a ohh ohhh a umm umm, lady I cann feel your pain, even if you're a 1000 miles awayyyy...."

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