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Well the Jokey one is back with some more entertaining reviews for you boys and girls, ladies and gents. Recently I had set sail on a morning cruise brought to us by the new band Paparrazi called Tanlines. Lets just just say I walked away with more than just darker skin and a low battery alert on my camera. To the review!

Vibes, vibes and more vibes. Before I get to that, we all know the two C's are coming up; Christmas and the coveted Carnival. I guess Paparrazi wanted us to dance to the sound of soca music before we are flooded with Christmas carols. Now on awaiting the boarding of the boat, looks like the party was gonna start at the dock. With the sexy shot girls warming up our throats with their drinks, or the free doubles which satisfied our taste buds before getting on board, it truly set the tone right for what we were gonna experience. Did I mention it was a cooler cruise? Now I don't know about anyone else, but when I hear the word "cooler" in any party, you know us TJJ members love to sample the juice. So said, so done. There I was like a health inspector tasting and sampling everyone's concoction in every cooler available; which none of the patrons found a problem with if I might add.

As we set sail, the level of vibes and enjoyment rose and never came down. Sexy ladies here, sexy ladies there. But wait, they brought the free doubles cart on the cruise?! EPIC!!!! Now let me clear the air on something ladies and gentlemen. We at Trini Jungle Juice give our reviews based on the crowd's reaction and OUR experience at the event. With that being said.....I the Jokey one threw more wine on that cruise than Keshorn Walcott has been throwing green mango to win gold. I couldn't help it, the vibes was just too nice.

There was a heavy downpour during the venture, but like DJ Darryl said ""Rain only stops 2 things, picnics and cricket."" I should add photography to that. I might have been a little handicap from the rain but that didn't stop the patrons who were more than happy to get themselves soaked in the showers. Really was a blessing.

Speaking of blessing, we were blessed with the presence of two very known artistes to entertain the crowd before we returned to shore. The young calypsonian Chucky and the living legend ""Mr. Chutney Bachannal"" Chris Garcia who sung their arsenal of old school and new school tunes. I must say I got a bit nostalgic hearing Chris sing Chutney Bachannal. It sent me back to my younger days waking up and tuning in to TV6 and seeing the video. Oh yes, the vibes was nooiiiccce.

I must take this time to send out birthday wishes to Chanice Abraham, who celebrated her earthstrong on the cruise. I'm sure it was a birthday she'll never forget but always would want to go bigger and better. Paparrazi, the event was a success and the Jokey Juice was pleased. Hope to see you all on the road in all your glory while our cameras flash and capture you in your essence.

Salt n' Pepper

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