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If I were you, I would certainly have my eyes wide open in Eyes Wide Shut (EWS). And being its 8th installment, there is no telling what or who you will run in to! To say the least... the DC Caribbean party scene is up and running! Big time!

EWS 8 helped set the tone for the upcoming Miami Carnival. Great music (Private Ryan, DJ Hazzard, Sprang Intl., DJ Majestic), beautiful people everywhere dressed in black, and great setting. Held at the Sultra Lounge in the Adams Morgan district in D.C. (party central), there was no mistake, why this party proved to be a hit!

DJ Hazzard has had a steady following over the years. And in the words of one of his loyal followers, "I wish EWS 9 was next week." Nuff said! TJJ experienced this vibe 1st hand and we loved it. From entry to exit, Hazzard and his staff showed us love!

Overall, the crowd was thick and kept a great vibe. The venue was nice with a wood finish that gave it the edge with other clubs in the area, the vibe was off the chain with the strong DJ cast, and the service was excellent. As for food, we were treated to some birthday cupcakes...hmmmmmm....I love cupcakes!!! There was an open bar so no big scene there.

Overall...everyone had a great time at EWS 8. Can't wait for EWS 9, 9.5, 10 and 10.5.....

Hazzard... good job and Happy Birthday from the TJJ Fam!

Did we forget anything? Add your 2 cents below...

-Joy Juice... Out and About!

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