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Where allyuh heading? Where de lime is? Where the ladies rolling to? And the answer... you may ask? All Roads Lead To GIRL POWER!!! That’s right... for another year in succession, Islands United has pulled together two of the biggest soca entertainers ... again ... sharing the same stage ... at one of the best venues in all of Florida Land .... Hialeah Park.  Tucked away in Hialeah, the indoor/outdoor H Park…as I like to call it, has everything to host the perfect event. Girl Power was just that! With lots of parking to accommodate the large crowd, H Park has room for a massive stage to welcome the HD dancers and enough room to host the 3000+ crowd, the vendors, the bars and all that GP had to offer. The promoters of this event ... Dave, Shaun and the Islands United family went all out to treat their patrons to an incredible event.

From the organization of the entrance to the perfect flow of the departing crowd…everything was thought of in true managerial style!

And on to the Show......

Girl Power never fails at having the main element behind this successful event; WOMEN. With more than just a strong support for the most renowned Caribbean female artiste to date, (at least in our view)... the sexy, stunning, powerful, graceful Alison Hinds definitely represented for all women, for her culture…for our culture… with her exceptional performance. The Caribbean Queen shined throughout her performance – not only due to her radiant smile and catalogue of hit records – Alison Hinds was glamorous in a very detailed mini dress, which glistened to every beat due to its embellishments. The majority of the crowd was (you guessed it), WOMEN. And where the women are... the men will follow!!!! Great job Alison.

With all-star DJs Dorenzo, Natural Mystic & Fatal Angel setting the pace prior and post performance, there was no stopping this event where vibes were concerned, inclusive of the energy the host Barrie Hype brings to every stage.

And just when we thought it could not get any better, fete goers were given a pleasant surprise performance by Bajan artiste Yannick Hooper and Lucian artiste Teddyson John. In true essence... the females were well represented of course by Nisha B who started the show with brother Ravi B supporting.

Even little Devin gave a fantastic performance. A bright and upcoming soca artiste in the making, Devin represented the culture in true fashion!

Girl Power would not be what it is, if not for one of the greatest crooners didn’t take the stage – Ladies and gentlemen... enter Machel, Machel, Machel, Machel Montano! Clearly the #1 caribbean artiste in the world, Machel in true fashion gave an exhilarating performance. Foot up on the speaker box and all!!! With his HD dancers all adorning a piece of pink in representation of WOMEN..... Girl Power was truly that! Machel continued where Alison left off! No stone was left unturned when it came to his performance!

And as he has done in years gone by, Machel left the crowd begging for more after he teased them with his new single “She Ready.” We can’t wait for the remainder of his songs for 2013... that much we can tell you! Veteran singer and HD stalwart, Farmer Nappy joined Machel for a few collabs while the sultry Patrice Roberts showed off her new lavish red hair-do all while the crowd sang every word to “Ah Little Wine,” her most popular song to date.

As the show came to a close around 4am, the Soca hungry crowd certainly left Girl Power filled.  Even Santana could be seen taking a wine or two on his way out. Girl Power can be summed up in one line: Good vibes and lots of women, always. Enough said.

The TJJ crew had a great time and we were thrilled with the event. We are certainly looking forward to GP 2013. Promoters - thanks for the love!

Did we forget anything? Add your 2 cents below...

-Sandhya aka Vamp Juice

>> View 12th Annual Girl Power Miami Gallery
>> View Miami Carnival 2012 Coverage