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Miami-Broward ONE Carnival J'ouvert 2012 Review
By Nicole aka Roopie
Published on 06-Oct-12
TELL THEM WE REAAAAAAAACH! Finally! J'ouvert in Miami Carnival!!!

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Finally! J'ouvert in Miami Carnival!!!

Quite a bit later than the traditional J'ouvert in Trini (I can't tell you exactly what time it started but I got there at 10ish and I left about 1:30ish with music still blasting and woman wining). *Oh gosh! Oh gosh! All man wine up on a woman, all woman wine on a man man!*

Given the landscape of Miami Carnival this timing seems fitting, since it seemed to have 100 fetes on at the same time - day or night. There were quite a few bands, including Cocoa Devils (yes, the one and only Cocoa Devils from Trini) and Red Antz Miami, delighting in this inaugural J'ouvert run.

The entire event was inside the park and and while the route was not extensive it was sufficient for merry making. There was ample grass for folks to drop on de ground and roll, or just sit and spectate. And if you look good, you woulda see even Santana taking a wine and kissing up girls! Janice? Janice who?!? :P

Each band had its own drinks/food truck and their people were taken care of cuz watch nah... that sun was HOT! (Also hot was the piece of wine I got, but that is for a different review *smile*)

All in all a good time was had by everyone! I can certainly see this event getting bigger and becoming a staple. Text-a-holic Juice conked out on me and was home sleeping - girl stop giving trouble na, you miss a real good lime!

Kraig Mooklal, where are you? You going to get left!

Whispers (I tired and can't shout out na) to Zach who negotiated with me to make his mark *smirk* (you REAL lucky eh and you have a nice soft touch :P), Christine, Mummeh, Giselle de Wassi One, Eternal Vibes... me deya!

-Roopie aka the Dublin runaway

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