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Now I must warn all readers as well as viewers, do NOT view this gallery on an empty stomach or else you may find yourself gnawing at your monitor or even drooling all over your keyboard....which eventually will lead to "shocking" results. Yes it's all about food ladies and gentlemen. Please have your tissue on hand to wipe your mouths from this delicious review.

This has to be the most stomach quenching event I've ever been to. From the entrance, my nose was flooded with the different scents of delicacies that were on display. The judging aspect of the event was already underway so at that point patrons could only view the different foods on display and maybe taste some of the appetizers available.

In typical "Trini" style, all the meals had their own local twist, even the titles of the dishes. From the controversial Section 34 to our proud moment winning gold at this year's Olympics, they all had something for you to smile at. The MC on hand was none other than the "short spice" Nikki Crosby in her infamous "Hot Mouth Granny" attire. We all know granny knows best when it comes to cooking so her presence was comedic as well as suitable for the occasion.

I really envied the judges on hand. Getting the tough job of tasting all these variety of food before all these hungry stomachs, and then declare a winner. Lucky bugs! When that was finished, we all know the Jokey One wasted no time to sink his teeth in some of these meals. Did i mention it was an open bar as well? So after being stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey, these drinks could easily wash down the itus.

Now to the entertainment. To please the crowd's eyes and ears after their mouths were satisfied was live entertainment from Denise Plummer as well as Benjai. I really didn't know how patrons were able to get up and dance after that meal... kudos for y'all, I was planted in my seat for a bit. There was also a display of some Carnival 2013 costumes from the band Paparatzi which gave the crowd a glimpse of what was to come next year on the black carpet Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

Outside of the local parties and events I've been to, this was a relaxed one that really exercised my senses of smell and taste. We at TJJ would like to thank the promoters for having us present as well as committee, staff as well as the culinary competitors for their hospitality. We hope to be there for your next project, and this time I won't be alone. The Jokey Juice was pleased. Seeing that this was about food, my closing statement is only suitable.

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>> View Culinary Classics Gallery