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Alegria Alegria! Parang in the southlands! If you haven't already kicked off the Christmas season, this was definitely the event to get you started. Parang, pastelles and the works.

Wow does South have sweet girls! The crowd was just the perfect size for the venue. Definitely not dead and not uncomfortably ram out. And boy do they have hype! Dancing and singing all night long!

"How do you find Doc's Ranch?"..."Right next to Kamla House". An ideal location, easy to find, secure parking, beautiful poolside ambiance and a practical layout. The place was also well decorated to get the Christmas spirit into partygoers with Christmas lights and garlands.

Live Parang! Los Merengados gave a nice open to the event at 8pm, welcoming people as they entered with all the classical parang songs. By the time they were finished, it was time for the DJs to take over and with a DJ lineup like DJ Spartan and Tech, Hypa Hoppa and Assasin Singh, Phats, Mazel and Young Simmo ... one could not ask for more. Great music, great times.

Bring your own booze! Coolers allowed, and if you're not into that whole deal, Doc's Ranch has a well stocked bar with friendly staff. Illusions also provided food at this event; pastelles, ham and hops, and corn soup, all of which were deliciously prepared.

-Sammy Juice

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