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Adaptations of supposedly the easiest party to hold that is, a cooler cruise party, have been arrivng at a rate of knots from smart, audacious party promoters and we are now going to add one to the list of "unique people": Ice Box Entertainment. Cracking the most daunting Cooler Cruises has felled many an accomplished party promoter, however Ice Box definitely pulled it off flawlessly! What’s more, the omens were looking good for Suits, with inside information being told that tickets were sold out and there was a waiting list of over 200 plus people ...

Nevertheless, Suits has arrived! A shining knight, wielding superior euphoric power and warm-blooded entertainment. The guys of Ice Box - who always had a knack for hosting events has done handsome justice to what a Cooler Cruise should be and what each patron should exactly experience! We believe, Suits patrons experienced delight at the effort and devotion that was put into hosting this event! The crowd aboard the Harbour Master was more than dressed the part for this event! Suits as it was deviantly entitled means just that was what was being worn: Bathing Suits ... Half Nakedness!

What Ice Box has engineered is a lush and exciting masterwork that delivers one breath-snatching eurphoric memory after another, kicking off with the Harbour Master as its venue! This marine magnificance, although slightly not spectacular still provided for a noisy serenity which was seen on each of its three decks.

Suits, without fail, was a marvel of virtuoso cooler cruise artistry. A riveting tale of waistlines gyrating, endurance in abundance, powder, and integrating wild themes all into one event; shots pouring of all sorts of alcohol (champagne included) into any and anybody's mouth, wining on complete strangers, singing the wonderful and exciting songs of Carnival 2013 as you stare into the sky and throw your hands in the air ... all essential to have a beautiful time at an event. 

Being a cooler cruise, this allows people to know and bring their own poison which completes the all-encompassing embrace of the remaining ingredients for creation of vibe ... the all crucial element of ANY event.Suits can safely be an award-worthy event in our eyes and sometimes words cannot describe what exactly happened but here is a small snippet in an ironic fashion:-

1. Spread your arms and let go;
2. Do not try to hold her back when she starts to wine like that;
3. Nothing is wrong with wining on a complete stranger;
4. The Bounching definitely started;
5. People were absolutely "thiefing" a wine;
6. It is your time to wine, people freed themselves and the spotlight was on them;
7. Soca I love you;
8. Water & Powder; Water & Powder: WATER & POWDER!!!!!!;
9. No Lie ... No Mamaguy;
10. People danced to the beat of the drum ...

At times, the excitement almost got misty-eyed at its own lofty purpose. Yet, the patrons, almost surely embraced its power and comforted themselves with the heat from the sun and the "musical spirits" coming from the speakers!

A riot of saturated excitement and complete cause for a factual but delirious imagination; Ice Box's Cooler Cruise radiates entertainment and vibe. But it’s also a simple, thrilling and gently uplifting way to spend your Carnival Saturday. Hope it becomes an annual event. Take the plunge!

Did we forget anything? Add your 2 cents below...

-Scorn Juice

>> View Suits Part 1 Gallery
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>> View Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2013 Coverage