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What if there wasn’t a place I called home to escape to whenever I wanted to?  It’s 6:30am Carnival Saturday morning and I’m in fete number five in four days.  I’ve been looking forward to AM Premium ever since I heard that is was making its debut onto the carnival scene.  The Anchorage has always been one of my favorite venues, I love feting on the water.

The sky is a brilliant blue and a calm sea breeze swirls the aroma of breakfast through the air as the sun glimmers off the ripples of the water, perfect in every aspect.  The flier mentions that this event is a “Premium Ultra –Inclusive”.  All inclusive events are a dime a dozen at carnival time, so what could ulta-all inclusive mean?  Well, I was about to find out.

Everything about this fete exceeded expectations.  Being greeted at the door with cocktails is pretty standard, but AM did it better.  They literally seemed to have hand-picked every single server.  You might think breakfast in a breakfast fete is a no brainer but you would be surprised at some of the atrocities I’ve encountered over the years. AM Premium has officially set the standard.  We talking Bake and Salfish, Sada Roti, Pancakes, made-to-order Omelets, snow cone man, coconut vendor and I can go on.  Imagine you chowing down on some Baigan for breakfast and next thing you know you watching an Arial Silk performance over your head!  Did I mention that AM premium just did it better?

When you in a fete and the staff at all the stations, especially the servers, having as good a time as the feters, you know the vibes on on on.  Special mention to the two Patron girls who kept the shots (and the wines) flowing. smile There was nowhere to hide in this party that a spectacular server would not find you to offer you a drink, a shot, or even a cupcake!  And if you did for some odd reason, feel like going to the bar for yourself, there was never a wait.  Multiple well staffed bars, what a novel idea.  AM Premium simply did it better than I have seen in a long long time.  They definitely showed other all inclusives how to do a bar, among other things. smile

I never see a men’s bathroom look so pristine all fete long with so many amenities.  AM put some hotels to shame, talk bout Ultra-Premium ...

There was so much more going on in this fete besides the music, but Joy Juice and Chucks had the dance nice all morning.  And just about the time the Snow Cone man turned into a doubles man, here comes Private Ryan to take it on home.  In the words of Forrest Gump, that’s all I have to say about that.  Dance mash up!

Last year, there was another all inclusive called C’est La Vie (see 2012 coverage) that burst onto the carnival scene and left people literally waiting all year for it to come around again.  I can safely say that AM Premium has achieved that same buzz.  While C’est La Vie was again a good event this year (see 2013 coverage), it did not hit the ‘great’ mark that it did the first time around.  AM Premium made a spectacular carnival debut, now I challenge you to be consistently great. smile I have all confidence that it will be.

I am home and AM Premium felt like home.  Special Thanks to Marsh and A.M Premium team for having us!  I’m first in line at the door next year. smile

Did we forget anything? Add your 2 cents below... 

-Wade 'The Party Appraiser' aka 'Sigma Juice'

>> View AM Carnival - Premium Ultra-Inclusive Breakfast Gallery
>> View Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2013 Coverage