(Kingston, Jamaica – February 17, 2013) – It was hundreds of soca fans who came out to the Mas Camp on Friday February 15 for the start of the 2013 “Le Masquerade” bacchanal season, indicative of Jamaica’s growing love for the revelry of carnival. With an upgraded venue and an increased number of booth displays, bacchanalists began the season’s journey, jiggling and gyrating into the early morning hours.

Bacchanal Jamaica’s 25th anniversary season gracefully opened like a blossoming rose, displaying stunning colours, interesting costumes and inventive lighting displays courtesy of the Bacchanal Jamaica team and their sponsors. The focal point of the venue was the large stage to the left with a fantastic hologram-style LED display featuring the season’s new theme and logo, and the logos of all sponsors flashing continuously through the night in an eye-catching array of colours. This created the perfect setting for the two deejays for the night, DJ Private Ryan from Trinidad and DJ Sanjay, who appeared larger than life in this montage of colour and light, as they unleashed hit after hit on an insatiable crowd.

The new and improved layout of the home of bacchanal included a larger and more intimate all-inclusive VIP area with its own wait staff, plasma TVs and large screen displays featuring videos from last year’s “Future Shock” season scattered across the venue, and an interesting collaboration from sponsors Appleton and Pepsi featuring a large Appleton Jamaica Rum bottle pouring its contents into a Pepsi cup, which was actually its lounge area, lighted in muted blues with black and white accents. Patrons were also treated to mug deals from both Appleton and Smirnoff with the latter showcasing its fittingly-named special, “Ringmaster”, a nod to this year’s theme.

Long-time bacchanal patron and dedicated follower of the genre, Kenniokeif Daley said, “I am a lover of carnival and I have jumped every year for the past six or seven years, as well as I have been to Trinidad carnival every year during that time as well. The [Mas Camp] venue shot and I love the addition of the asphalt”. Daley also shared that he expects “Trinidad carnival in Jamaica this year”, as Bacchanal Jamaica ups the ante for the new season.

The masquerade experience was also on full display as title sponsor Digicel wowed patrons with two picture-perfect ‘live mannequins’ dressed in full-length showgirl dresses with red and black masks to match, in their boudoir-styled two-level booth in golds and reds. The telecommunications company also introduced fans to two special carnival promotions, one of which gives patrons the chance to sign up and win a Digicel 2013 Road March costume, Masqerade, and a season band that gives access to Digicel’s booth at all Bacchanal Fridays fetes.

The Bacchanal Fridays series continues February 22 with another disco fete featuring musical delivery from Trinidad’s DJ Dawg Slaughter of Excalibur International Disco and local favourite, DJ Smoke. Tickets go on sale as at Monday February 18 at Mas Camp and Ammar’s.